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International City Theare, Long Beach (LA Times Critic's Choice)
Elephant Escape + tea service

From top, clockwise:
Michael Uribes (Passepartout + others)
Jud Williford (Fogg)
Melinda Porto (Aouda + others)
Brian Stanton (Elephant Owner + others)
Standing: Mark Gagliardi (Sir Francis + others)

Photo by Suzanna Mapes
Mudge's Sledge ride

From L to R, front row:
Jud Williford (Fogg)
Brian Stanton (Detective Fix)
Melinda Porto (Aouda)
Michael Uribes (Passepartout)
Standing: Mark Gagliardi (Mudge + others)

Photo by Suzanne Mapes
Photo by Suzanne Mapes
Burning the Henrietta
Photo by Suzanne Mapes
Fighting the Indians
Photo by Suzanne Mapes
Don't budge
On the Brindisi
Photo by Suzanne Mapes
Passepartout magically sits
Photo by Suzanne Mapes
Photo by Suzanne Mapes
OPENING NIGHT! Allison with Mark Brown - who wrote this hysterical adaptation of Jules Verne's novel AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS
80 Days - costume fittings!
80 Days
The actors wear many hats - literally and figuratively!
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Allison will be directing AROUND THE WORLD again! 
Opening January 2018 at North Coast Rep in Solana Beach, CA (just North of La Jolla). 
Click here for more info.