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APPLAUSE AT CITY CENTER ENCORES - click on the photo to enlarge
I was the SSDC observer to Kathleen Marshall on APPLAUSE. I was thrilled to get to do more then observe - I helped the assoc choreographer teach the dance, I took notes for Ms. Marshall, and I was even able to contribute some notes of my own! It was an honor.Rob Berman (Musical Director), me and actors Mario Cantone (he's hysterical!) and Michael Park (beautiful voice, so sweet, and a hunk!) - they're all enjoying the caramel & chocolate pretzel sticks I made for opening night.Allison with Kate BurtonAllison with Lee Adams - Lyricist Allison & actor Tom HewittAllison with Christine Ebersole and Chip Zien. Hey, do they even know I'm in the picture!?! It IS my camera, you know : )Allison & associate director Marc BruniAllison & associate choreographer Rommy SandhuAllison with Rob Berman - music director for City Center Encores!Allison & the oh-so-talented dancing and singing male ensemble of Applause. They are amazingly talented AND nice. Oh, and hot, too!Applause final bow, photo by Aubrey Reuben