- Around the World in 80 Days at International City Theatre, Long Beach, CA -

"cleverness personified"
"The production …could daunt less able practitioners. Fortunately, director Allison Bibicoff and her playful 
performers attack their material with just the right blend of silliness and rigor, giving an impromptu flair 
to this precisely regimented staging – no mean feat."
"accomplished entertainment…“World” sets out to amuse & reaches its destination with time to spare"
Click here to read the LA Times review                      -  LA Times, F. Kathleen Foley 

"One immediately recognizes the depth of character development and creative teamwork involved, due largely 
to the masterful talents of director Allison Bibicoff.
"The production is complete with spectacular, resplendent special effects; slapstick physical humor; and florid 
with authentic costumes of the era."
"an action filled ride, leaving each audience member at the edge of one's seat."
"It is quite the spectacle, entertaining and suspenseful at one, yet also filled with poignant, moral messages..."
"this show is a vicarious treat, for both children and adults alike."
"[ICT} transforms its stage into a whirlwind, epic, global journey with huge theatrical appeal."
"A 'Wonderfully Worldly Performance' "
Click here to read the Examiner review                   - Examiner, Bonnie Priever

"The superb, right on target Direction by Allison Bibicoff, kept pacing perfect, and was well-hailed. The flawless, 
hard working five (5) person cast drew a clearly worthy long/loud standing ovation…"
"a feat of notable capability -- and a winning entertainment success for audiences of live theater."
"We, the audience, are the true winners, getting a terrific ride…"
"clever, and done with fun…Wow!"
Click here to read The Patch review                              - The Patch, Joseph Sirota 

"Director Allison Bibicoff has taken this madness of a play and presented it to its full potential.  Bibicoff obviously 
has a talent for directing and her presentation of this play could very well be remembered throughout the year 
and be in the running for many “Best of” lists. I don’t say this much, but this production is a MUST SEE. So 
head down to Long Beach and thank me later."
"this play has something for everyone."
"The entire cast is superb and their stellar talent alone makes it worth seeing this show."
Click here to read the ALittleNightMusing review                - ALittleNightMusing.com, Mickala Jauregui

     "This is one of the most enjoyable, imaginative and amazing productions you'll ever have the good fortune to witness. 
Not only will you be blown away by the five actors who play thirty-nine different characters and how well they do 
it but the staging is so clever and the dialogue so witty, you won't want this trip to end."
"...inspired direction of Allison Bibicoff..."
Click here to read the Will Call review                     -Will Call, Ingrid Wilmot

"theatre at its root…challenging & inventive theatre from fiercely dedicated & talented craftsmen…"
"ICT} serves up first rate productions like this one…"
Click here to read The Huffington Post review (Scroll past "War Horse" review)     - The Huffington Post, Charles Karel Bouley  

"director Allison Bibicoff’s fast-paced staging is breezily funny."
"highly satisfying…"
Click here to read the Backstage review                             - Backstage, Eric Marchese 

"precise yet fun-loving direction of Allison Bibicoff, the play triumphs..."
"this cast is extraordinary."
"Take this trip around the world. It will create some found memories. Guaranteed."
http://gazettes.com/grunion_digital_print_edition/                  (p.28A)-Harry Saltzgaver, Grunion Gazette

"Director Allison Bibicoff has done such great service to Brown’s script…"
"ICT’s production clearly is a unique work."
"cleverly staged, given a true frolicsomeness by an adventurous cast."
Click here to read the GreaterLongBeach.com review                         - GreaterLongBeach.com, Greggory Moore

"though tongue-in-cheek, Bibicoff's staging maintains complete fidelity to Verne, never lapsing into parody, 
  with even the slapstick humor kept to a minimum."
"director Allison Bibicoff's staging at International City Theatre is spirited, sparkling and wholly entertaining."
"a well-staged and wholly entertaining production at International City Theatre."
Click here to read the Orange County Register review               - OC Register, Eric Marchese

"Thanks to Bibicoff’s skills and lighthearted management, this play charms from beginning to end..."
Click here to read the ArtsInLA.com review                              - ArtsInLA.com, Melinda Schupmann 

"Thanks to Allison Bibicoff’s astute direction... this is a trip well-worth the purchase of a ticket."
"as enchanting as Verne's novel and true to his 19th century sensibilities.... "
"a live visual and auditory treat, tailor-made for live theater""
Click here for the Long Beach Comber review                             - LongBeachComber.com, Ben Miles

"a director of supreme inventiveness"
"this ever so imaginative production is likely to prove a critical and audience favorite"
"though best known as the Scenie-winning choreographer of The Who’s Tommy and iGhost among others, 
she now reveals herself a director of inspired ingenuity and flair."
"Mark Brown’s crackerjack adventure comedy under Allison Bibicoff’s inspired baton opens ICT Season 28 with 
quite enough theatrical fireworks to light up the Long Beach sky for weeks to come."
Click here to read the StageSceneLA review                                - StageSceneLA.com, Steven Stanley

"Allison Bibicoff directs this excellent production...."
"You'd best see a performance of this entertaining and inspiring production..."
Click here to read the Signal Tribune review                                 - Signal Tribune, Vicki Paris Goodman

"succeeds in taking audiences to a whimsical place of comedic self-discovery."
'With a stunning five-person cast, as well as its unique use of props, improvisation, and special effects, this 
adaptation...guarantees a fun time."
"Get ready, get set for this magical journey across the globe. "
Click here  to read the pLAwriting review                                      - pLAwriting in the city, Melissa Gordon

- Around the World in 80 Days at North Coast Rep, Solana Beach, CA -

​- "a must see"
- "enchanting, hysterical and a total laugh...."
- "laughter is almost non-stop..."
-"...unbelievable entertainment, thanks to the direction of Allison Bibicoff."                      
Click here to read the East County Gazette review                       - Diana Saenger, East County Gazette

- the comedy is as laugh-out-loud as it is deadpan
- What’s also interesting are the creative ways Bibicoff get the stars to physically move throughout the play. Bibicoff’s 
  experience as a choreographer shows…
- chock-full of laughs and moments of visual wonder
Click here to read the San Diego Story review                             - David Dixon, San Diego Story

- deftly directed by Allison Bibicoff
- Allison Bibicoff hits all the right strides with enough mystery to have you shaking your collective heads on the way out 
  wondering how they managed to make it all come together…
- a whimsical, theatrical, magical, capricious, playful, you name it, romp
Click here to read the entire Carol Davis review                        - Carol Davis, reviewer

- Around the World in 80 Days at The Matrix Theatre, Los Angeles, CA -

"...wonderfully creative entertainment. Make plans to see it when you are ready to laugh and experience the wonder of staged brilliance!... get in on the fun"
Click here to read the Culver City News review

"a fun voyage and adventurous treat ... unique & innovative play... well directed by Allison Bibicoff... a terrifically talented and appealing cast of five, playing an unbelievable 39 colorful characters with great skill ... well worth seeing"
Click here to read the Discover Hollywood review                                           - Harrison Held, Discover Hollywood

"You want to have a good time? You want to laugh until you cry? Go see Lost Dog Productions’ Around the World in 80 Days."
"Smartly directed by Allison Bibicoff, the pace of the show is brisk and the action non-stop."
Click here to read the Theatre Notes review                                                  - Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes 


- Godspell -
2009 LA Weekly Award Nomination - Best Choreography
Choreographer Allison Bibicoff exhibits considerable wit."                                    - David C. Nichols, LA Times
Click here to read the LA Times review

"Allison Bibicoff brings her expertise and talent to this production, keeping the energy on stage ever dynamic and vital 
throughout the show."                                                                          - Bonnie Priever, www.associatedcontent.com
Click here to read the Associated Content review
Special attention must be paid to choreographer Allison Bibicoff for orchestrating all the action on such a small space." 
Click here to read the EyeSpaLa.com review                                                      - Mike Buzzelli, www.eyespyla.com

"Director Chuck McCollum and choreographer Allison Bibicoff have brought ready wit and clever detail to the show..."
Click here to read the LA Weekly review                        - Neal Weaver, LA Weekly

​- Savin' Up for Saturday Night -
CRITIC'S PICK  "...enhanced by Allison Bibicoff’s sashaying choreography...."                      - Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly
Click here to read the LA Weekly Review (go to page 2)

"...energetic, foot-stompin’ dance numbers (spryly choreographed by Allison Bibicoff)"            - Les Spindle, Frontiers
Click here to read the Frontiers review

"they just dance up a storm to the lively choreography of Allison Bibicoff"            - Cynthia Citron, ReviewPlays.com
Click here to read the ReviewPlays review

"Bibicoff's choreography adds a sparkling layer of authenticity ...this world premiere musical more than delivers on its promise of 
a good time ... Don't miss the fun."                                                                                     - Ellen Dostal, MusicalsInLa.com

​- The Who's Tommy -
Nominated for a 2010 LA Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Choreogoraphy
Garland Award Winner 2011
Ovation Recommended
"...turbo-charged choreography"                                                                  - Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema

"...further bolstered by Allison Bibicoff's galvanizing choreography."                  - Les Spindle, Backstage West, * CRITIC'S PICK
Click here to read the Backstage review

"wildly dynamic choreography by Allison Bibicoff...dancing as cohesive and harmonious as any touring company that has been 
together for a long time"                                       - Michael L. Quintos, Broadway World

"...Bibicoff’s best and most exciting work yet, featuring dance steps that seem to be emerging organically from the music itself.  
The combination of 1940s, ’50s, and ‘60s costumes and Bibicoff’s cutting-edge choreography make for a heady mix."
Click here to read the StageSceneLA review                   - Steven Stanley, stagescenela.com

"...magnificent production...with exciting choreography by Allison Bibicoff"        -  Ben Miles, Press-Enterprise

- 1776 -
** 2008 LA Weekly Award Nomination - Best Choreography **
CRITIC'S PICK    "Choreographer Allison Bibicoff's dances add zest to the proceedings"                          - Les Spindle, Backstage West
Click here to read the entire Backstage West review

"Allison Bibicoff's choreography comes filled with good humor"                                                                    - Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

- Xanadu on Broadway -
Allison is the asst choreographer (Dan Knechtges, choreographer) & an associate producer. 
** FOUR Tony nominations, including BEST CHOREOGRAPHY, AND BEST NEW MUSICAL **
Click here for the full NY TImes Review

More  reviews will be posted shortly.

- Songs for a New World -
"...some great basketball choreography for the entire cast courtesy of the always splendid Bibicoff."
 Click here to read the StageSceneLA review   - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLa.com

"...beautifully choreographed by Allison Bibicoff. "                                      - Shirle Gottlieb, Grunion Gazettes

​- Tales of Tinseltown -
"Choreographer Allison Bibicoff’s dance numbers are amusingly broad and sprightly"                                         - Paul Birchall, LA Weekly
Click here to read the LAWeekly review

​- Company -
"The collaboration between director Green, choreographer Bibicoff and music director Stahl has resulted in a richly varied look to 
the show and the exhiliration that good Broadway musicals produce in the audience."                                    - Libby Motkia, Palisades Post
Click here to read the Palisades Post review

​​- Delia's Song -
"The choreography by Allison BIbicoff that has many of the ensemble jitterbugging like 1940's hepcats..."     - Archie Rothman, NoHo LA
Click here to read the NoHo LA review

"Much credit should go to...choreographer Allison Bibicoff for creating an outstanding atmosphere for the musical performances."
Click here to read the LA Life review          - Julio Martinez, LA Life

"...jitterbug/swingdance-floor expertise delightful to watch.                                                                                   -Polly Warfield, Backstage West
Click here to read the Backstage West review

​- Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story -
 "Allison Bibicoff's choreography packs a wallop during a wildly athletic swing dance routine..."                - Joel Hirschhorm, 
Click here to read the entire review

-Xanadu -
- "Even more surprise and delight comes from the strong supporting cast in the form of lovely dancing (choreographed by Allison Bibicoff)..."
                                                                                                                                                                                        - Hope Baugh, www.Nuvo.net


 On Tidy Endings - click here to read the review
 Proof - Click here to read a letter from the director

 Chris Beach, Chair of Theatre Arts Dept, University of Redlands
 Marc Folan - Writer
 Robert Vaughn - Executive Producer, Hallmark MOWs
 Mark Kinsey Stephenson - The Actors Co-op, Artistic Director
 Paul Pierce - Springer Opera House, Artistic Director
 Jules Aaron - Director
 Doug Greene - Director
 Lewis Chesler -Executive Producer, Hallmark MOWs
 Shelley Butler - Current Associate Director on Beautiful
 Megan Baade - Dance Studio Owner

 SWING!  -  Dancer & Assistant Dance Captain
  Swing! Review #1 - "Sensuous, sexy, sophisticated and breathtaking"
 Swing! Review #2 - "Bibicoff added a terrifically spicy flair...."
 Swing Review #3 - "Bibicoff....execute[s] the intricate tangle of twirls and turns..."

 Thank you from Comercial Producer


- Pump Boys and Dinettes -
“…if enjoyment is one of the major criteria for any theatrical performance then “Pump Boys and Dinettes” is undeniably a five star show.”
“…it is as close to a must see as any performance can ever be.”          
Click here to read the entire Splash Magazine review                       - Ron Irwin, Splash Magazine

​"...one good song after another."
"You’re not familiar with these songs? It doesn’t matter—you’ll enjoy them anyway."
"...the musical that’ll give your summer evenings just the right carefree, robust melodies to fill your heart with joy."
"..."delightful summertime musical."
Click here to read the entire Pasadena Independent review               - Fran Syverson, The Pasadena Independent

“…most of the cast are playing their own instruments, insanely well and passionately at that. Wow.”
“…stunning harmonies.”
“Luckily Pump Boys and Dinettes has been extended for two more weekends though August 12th, so definitely make the trip over to the Sierra Madre Playhouse for this sweet escape.”
Click here for the entire Theatre Nerd review                                     - Isabella Petrini, LA Theatre Nerd

"…everyone left wearing a smile and in a great mood"
"…What a fun show this is!!!"
"…it’s a privilege to hear such excellent live music in such an intimate space."
"...accomplished musicians"
"…Farmer Tan; it’s a riot."
"…I’m glad they thought of bringing us this show!"
Click here to read the entire ItsNotAboutMe.tv review                     - Karen Salkin, ItsNotAboutMe.tv

" infectiously entertaining"
"... effervescently directed and exuberantly choreographed by Allison Bibicoff"
"Just what the doctor ordered for the summertime blues, Pump Boys And Dinettes is guaranteed to put a mile-wide smile on your face and a heaping helping of songs in your heart."
"...certain to get you clapping and humming along."
Click here to read the entire Steven Stanley review                        - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA.com

"A Smiling, Laughing, Toe-Tapping Fun Afternoon..."
"Although Kidder’s surprise tap dance and Murray’s vocals and stage presence are standouts, I have to say that every person in the show was very talented, a cohesive ensemble with no weak links..."
"...clever, engaging, and keep the audience smiling and tapping their feet."
"Escape the reality of the times and party with the Pump Boys and Dinettes for an afternoon or evening! "
Click here to read the entire ColoradoBoulevard.net review              - Carol Edger Germain, ColoradoBoulevard.net

- Fiddler on the Roof -
-  "Director and choreographer Allison Bibicoff gets a much deserved standing ovation from me. She had a large cast, a small stage and lots of dancing to weave into the show. The audience was aware that Russians dance down on their haunches and do lots of kicking. She really needed a much bigger stage but performed her miracles....bravo!"
- "...Okoboji Summer Theatre took the familiar story to a new level..."
Click here to read the entire Dickson County News review                       -Dorris Welle, Dickson County News

- The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee -
" hilarious, extremely well performed and highly entertaining"
"Allison Bibicoff ... molded the musically talented class into a tight-knit ensemble."
" delightfully funny"
"...each one's performance was top-notch."
 Click here to read the entire Dickson County News review                Dorris Welle, Dickson County News

- Smokey Joe's Cafe -
"The production showcases [Bibicoff's] creativity ... In a large number of the individual songs, she has created a little story in movement 
that is entertaining and poignant ... It is her use of dance and movement to tell a story that really enhances the entire production."  
Click here to read the OC Register Review (Brea production)                         - Jeanne Lerner, The Orange Country Register

- Oliver! -
"Theater lovers should rush to the Bangor Opera House box office and beg: “Please, sir, I want some more.”
"Director Allison Bibicoff has done a fine job creating a tight ensemble of local actors, many of them not yet adults. She uses the vast Opera House stage well and the show never drags."
"sweet and satisfying"
"PTC’s charming production will put even the most devoted Scrooge in the holiday spirit"
Click here to read the entire Bangor Daily News review                                  - Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News

"There are a lot of moving parts to this show; director Bibicoff keeps things running smoothly and seamlessly. She pulls quality performances from everyone in her ensemble; no matter where you look, there are no blank moments. Her high-octane choreography plays a huge role in that sense of fullness..."
"phenomenal work of the performers"
Click here to read the entire Maine Edge review

- Tanglin' Hearts -
"It’s a boot scootin’ rip-roaring’ spot of a good time!"
"a very witty and charming comedy, along with hosting a great musical score to boot "
"plenty of charm"
"The cast of nine performers pulls all of the stops in terms of singing...and dancing"
"The ensemble fetches their comical performances as pleasing and comforting as a ice cold long neck bottle of Lone Star beer." 
Click here to read the Accessibly Live review                                  - Rich Borowy, Accessibly Live

"Allison Bibicoff has directed Tanglin’ Hearts with country gusto, as well as choreographing several lively group numbers and one cute, ingenious swing dance for Celia and Webb, complete with lasso moves....Tanglin’ Hearts turns out to be not only the first musical among the over thirty productions I’ve reviewed at Theater 40, it’s one of the Beverly Hills fixture’s most crowd-pleasing efforts to date. ... Tanglin’ Hearts may well have a bright future beyond its T40 debut."
Click here to read the StageSceneLA review                                   - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA.com

"...the rousing, finger snapping, heel clicking choreography was by Allison Bibicoff. Y’all will definitely warm up to this fun toe-tappin musical."
"...is a feel-good play."
Click here to read the Examiner.com review                                     - Audrey Linden, Examiner.com 

"this fun show will still send you home with a smile on your face – and maybe even dancing a Texas two-step."
"the show features many memorable and funny original songs"
"Newcomer Madison Cassaday is the standout performer ... and his scenes with Heather Barr as unlucky in love Rosalind Fredericks really crackle."
Click here to read the Thespian Thoughts review                               -Sandro Monetti, Thespian Thoughts

"—imaginatively choreographed by Bibicoff."
"...helmed with an understated hand by Allison Bibicoff."
                                                                                                     - Julio Martinez, Arts in LA

​- Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat -
"On a stage where so much is happening at any one time, Allison managed to create a gloriously entertaining production ... outlandishly 
hysterical ...watching this play from beginning to end is wildly entertaining .... Movie Pick of the Week: Here's a surprise. I'm not going to 
add one this week so you'll all go see Joseph this weekend. Trust me on this!! I wouldn't lie to you!!!"
Click here to read the San Gabriel Valley Examiner review                     - Kelley Vance, San Gabriel Valley Examiner

​- Wandering Willows -
"Allison Bibicoff directs and choreographs the piece with an even hand, and a steadfast eye on the acting. Again, great ensemble chemistry. 
Equal parts silly and sweet, “ Wandering Willows” is the last of several great treats in this evening of one-acts."      
Click here to read the LASplash.com review                                                            - Keisha7, LASplash.com

"...beautifully choreographed....and some of the dance moves were about as flawless as any I’ve seen on stage. It was quite impressive 
to see ... such complicated dance moves [performed] with such skill."                                 
Click here to read the Burbank Leader review                                       - James Famera , The Burbank Leader