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USO tour of Bosnia & Kosovo  - click on the photo to enlarge
Allison in a hummer with a machine gun.The soldiers were VERY excited to have us pose in our Xmas outfits in their hummer with a machine gun.Performing our opening number. Allison is in the center.Performing for the troops - our opening number.USO audiences are the most appreciative audiences in the world. Notice their guns? They carried them everywhere. There were guns on the floor next to the soldiers in the commissary.I love this picture, taken at our New Year's Eve performance.Standing on a tank with my cast.Lounging in a Black Hawk Helicopter.A trained attack dog attacked my well-padded arm. He was STRONG!The dog was STRONG. I couldn't move my arm at all with him pulling on it. I was told to keep my non-padded hand i my pocket, because the dog would bite anything in motion.This picture was taking INSIDE of a tank. It was snowy and muddy, so there were boot cleaners outside of our tent. One problem - frozen water!We were thanked and given awards at every base.Inside a C-130. Before you get in, they ask for your next-of-kin and blood type. Performing.Our bodyguards.In one number, I'd get to dance with a guy in the audience. I made sure to wear very red lipstick, and I'd kiss him on the cheek at the end. Invariably, he wouldn't wipe off the kiss mark - he'd show it off all night to his friends!A friendly push-up challenge! My form isn't bad!